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The XCMG XR 180D

180 (2)
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Rotatory Piling Rig

Are you looking for the right vendors who can provide you with an array of equipment for your construction project? Then, you are at the right place. SD Infrastructure offers you the XCMG XR 180D Powerful Drilling Rig at a very reasonable price. 



The XCMG XR 180D Rotary Drilling Rig


This drilling rig is suitable for multiple industries, projects and applications. Drill rigs are available for low headroom sites, residential, commercial and speciality drilling projects. 


The XCMG XR 180D Rotary Drilling Rig’s adopts dedicated hydraulic retractable crawler chassis and heavy slewing bearing and has high stability;

Its front-located single-rope main winch structure helps to greatly prolong the service life of steel wire rope and lower the use cost;
Cummins electric control turbo-supercharged engine is used. In addition, it has strong power, which is sufficient to satisfy the construction on any highland.


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