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The XCMG XR 220D

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Are you worried about meeting your piling job deadlines but not ready to invest in purchasing your own equipment? Are you hunting for vendors right now? Then, you are at the right place. S.D. Infrastructure offers you the XCMG XR 220D Rotary Drilling Rig at a very reasonable price. We offer XCMG XR 220D Piling Rig on rent. We also offer Piling Rig services on a contractual basis.



The XCMG XR 220D Rotary Drilling Rig


It is a multi-purpose piling rig designed to achieve the highest levels of versatility, manoeuvrability, ease of use, transportation, production and reliability. It is configured to operate in various different piling modes. For each drilling mode, it is designed to optimize the performances. However, the modularity of the components makes the conversion among the different kits extremely easy, fast and low-cost. 


The XCMG XR 220D Rotary Drilling Rig’s outstanding production capability is comparable to machines of a much larger size. Its excellent stability allows easy manoeuvrability on job sites and ensures fast and safe operating movements. Its compactness and low weight allows easy transportation without special permits. The sturdy base carrier, constructed to international specifications, ensures excellent reliability and maintenance with operator cabin comfort not available on low precision machines. A wide range of mast positioning and independent adjustment of the vertical position of the mast is possible. 




• Excellent rigidity and lightness

• More precise movements

• Fast setup time

• Wide range of tool positioning

• Simpler maintenance

• Better visibility for the operator

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