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Self Loading Concrete Mixers

The AJAX FIORI ARGO 2000/4000

Ajax Fiori Argo 4000

Ajax Fiori Argo 4000

We provide Ajax Fiori on rent

Ajax Fiori ARGO 2000

Ajax Fiori ARGO 2000

We Provide Self Loading Concrete Mixer on rent

ARGO 4000

ARGO 4000

ARGO 4000 Rental Service

Ajax Fiori

Ajax Fiori

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Rental Service


Self Loading Concrete Mixers(SLM)- Ajax Fiori ARGO 2000 and ARGO 4000

The self-loading concrete mixer is a very effective tool when it comes to building sturdy structures in cement. SLM produces concrete on site itself. We provide well-maintained Self Loading Mixers of AJAX FIORI on rent.


What are the benefits of using Self Loading Concrete Mixers (SLM) on rent?


  • Self Loading Concrete Mixer let you mix all your components at the site of your construction which guarantees no bastardized mixture.

  • Skilled operators are provided with the machine which ensures maximum progress and least wastage of materials.

  • SLM can easily move to several sites of construction in a very short time.

  • No maintenance cost and no depreciation cost incurred.


We provide SLMs on rent for almost everything like-


  • Metro Rail

  • Canal Lining

  • Residential Apartment

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Foundation

  • Windmill Foundation

  • CC Road

  • Bridges, etc.


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