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Construction Equipment Rental Service

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Piling Rigs

The XCMG XR 220D/II Rotary Drilling Rig is a multi-purpose piling rig designed to achieve the highest levels of versatility, manoeuvrability, ease of use, transportation, production and reliability. It is configured to operate in various different piling modes. For each drilling mode, it is designed to optimize the performances. However, the modularity of the components makes the conversion among the different kits extremely easy, fast and low-cost.

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Ajax Fiori- Self Loading Concrete Machines

  • Self-Loads the required quantity of aggregates and sand into the drum.

  • Weigh batch the required quantity of aggregates, sand and cement as per mix design.

  • Mix the batched aggregates, sand and cement while travelling to the discharging location thus reducing the cycle time.

  • Discharge the concrete to the desired location at the site.

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