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Our Team

Sd Infra team Ajax Fiori
Skilled Ajax Fiori construction
Piling Rig Maintenance
Skilled workers rotatory pilling rig
Sd Infra team Piling rig

Helping partner companies succeed and creating strategic value is at the core of our daily work of SD Infrastructure. We achieve this with a passionate and dedicated team that spans across several departments and offers a deep expertise altogether in the construction industry.


Each and every one of our team members represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless SD Infrastructure can grow keeping pace with the boom in construction sector thanks to India's growth rate.

We have a passion for our clients' and partners' true outcomes and a pragmatic drive for action remains throughout the week and every hour of our working period. OUR TRAINED OPERATORS ARE OUR ASSET. They are capable of handling most of the difficult situations at construction sites.


The value of skilled labor is very high. Businessmen want professionals and those who have requisite skills to perform a particular task. A well-trained staff will perform well. Good performance means high profits.


We have a very well-trained workforce that works hard to maintain the machines and use it the maximum efficiency during working hours.



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