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DTH Piling Machine

Kobelco XD

Rotatory Piling Rig Rental_SD Infra

DTH Piling Machine

Whether it be contract drilling, rentals, service, or support, you can always rely on our company to provide training and technical expertise. SD Infrastructure is a fully professional service provider and distributor of drilling equipment, tools and supplies.

With our teams combined knowledge within the piling industry; we can provide a quick, efficient service personally tailored to your project requirements. Our extensive fleet of mini piling rigs and machines, along with a broad range of plant, tools and related equipment make us a true one stop shop.  Whether you’re a piling contractor, civil engineer, or simply trying to manage a small residential extension, It is our aim to take the hassle out of supplying your site equipment, giving you more time.

Our on-site  workshop are fully checked before they left for the work site. We have a strong training team to upskill your contractors so that they can fix any sort of breakdown. The team have the insider knowledge to identify faults and fix it fast so that loss in work hours can be reduced.



  • Customised machine can be adapted for various jobs

  • Excavator mounted piling machine,

  • Used in solar projects, canal drilling and construction sites.

  • On-board compressor suitable for blast hole drilling

  • Can operate in difficult terrain.


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