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Concrete Pumps

Ajax Fiori & Schwing Setter SP1400/2800

Rotatory Piling Rig Rental_SD Infra



With our teams extensive know-how within the construction machinery industry; we can provide a quick, efficient service personally tailored to your project requirements. We are committed to deliver the best so that the credibility of our brand continues to shine.


These pumps are designed to maximise your productivity with lowest operating costs. 10m remote comes as a standard RL Rock Valve Made after years of extensive study in the behaviour of a tough concrete mix, this valve is ideally suited for pumping harsh concrete and can withstand rugged site conditions as in India. This valve has been recognised worldwide as the toughest concrete valve. 

Luckily, we have a fleet of machinery that caters several construction projects and the concrete pump is one of the most demanded machinery out of them.
We have concrete pumps that are compatible to work with Ajax Fiori as well as Schwing Stetter.




  • Portability

The conveniently placed towing hook and toughened frame and axle enable portability across
rough terrain. The low weight of the pump allows to quickly move it from one site to another.


  • Control

An easy to use remote with 10m cable comes as standard with the pump so your operators learn and
start using it immediately. The famous SCHWING maintenance-free control system with it’s proven free flow hydraulics ensures optimum fuel consumption, low heat generation and helps your components to last long
in reducing operational costs.



  • Hydraulics

Direct high-torque driven on to the agitator shaft as well as the robust design of all hydraulic components in conjunction with constant flow and micro-filtering of the hydraulic oil ensures operational reliability and a long service life.


  • Gear Box for Agitator Motor

By controlling the drive of the agitator motor through a gearbox, there is lesser damage on the agitator and lesser stress on the hydraulic components leading to a long life of the product.


  • Easy Maintenance

Easier access to all the parts of the machine ensures that minimum time is required for maintenance, so your machine is up and running in no time at all.





1. Delivery at the proper time so that there is no delay in executing the project.

2. Properly oiled and well-maintained machinery.

3. Trusted name in this line of business and provides sound knowledge in big construction projects.


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